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The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! 2012

In 1837, the Pirate Leader (Hugh Grant), inexpert in the methods of pirates, leads a close-knit, rag-tag group of amateur pirates that are aiming to make a name on their own on the high seas. To show himself and also his team, the Pirate Leader gets in the Pirate of the Year competition, with the winner being whoever can plunder one of the most. After several failed efforts to plunder ordinary ships, they come across the Beagle as well as record its passenger Charles Darwin (David Tennant). Darwin recognises the staff's pet Polly as the last living dodo, as well as suggests they enter it in the Researcher of the Year competitors at the Royal Culture of London for an important reward. Privately, Darwin plans on swiping Polly himself with the assistance of his skilled chimpanzee, Mr. Bobo, about impress Queen Victoria (Imelda Staunton) which he has a crush on; the Pirate with a Headscarf (Martin Freeman) ends up being suspicious of Darwin's intention after one fell short attempt to steal Polly.
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The pirates camouflage themselves as scientists to enter the competition, and also the dodo display screen wins the top reward, which ends up being small trinkets and a conference with the Queen. The Pirate Leader conceals Polly before the conference. There, the Queen demands that the Pirate Captain contribute Polly for her stroking zoo. The Pirate Captain rejects as well as accidentally exposes his real self, yet Darwin steps in to spare the Leader's life, privately telling the Queen that only the Leader knows where Polly is maintained. The Queen lets the Pirate Leader go and orders Darwin to discover Polly by any means required. Darwin takes the Pirate Captain to a tavern and also coaxes from him that Polly is tucked away in his beard. Darwin and also Mr. Bobo have the ability to steal the bird, leading on a chase into the Tower of London where the Queen is waiting. She disregards Darwin, and also instead offers the Pirate Captain a large sum of money for Polly, which for the Pirate Captain would suffice to guarantee his win as Pirate of the Year. He accepts the deal and go back to his team, guaranteeing them Polly is still secure in his beard, though the Pirate with a Headscarf is dubious of his newfound wide range.

At the Pirate of the Year event, the Pirate Leader wins the grand reward from the Pirate King (Brian Blessed), however competing pirate Black Bellamy (Jeremy Piven) makes the Queen's excuse recognized to all. The Leader is removed of the reward and his pirating license, and also admits his loss of Polly to his team, that desert him. The Leader returns to London, intent on saving Polly. He reunites with Darwin, finding out that the Queen is a member of a special dining culture of world leaders that feast on threatened creatures, which Polly is most likely on her flagship, the QV1 to be served at the next dish. The Pirate Captain and also Darwin collaborate to steal an airship to take a trip to the QV1. Mr. Bobo, meanwhile, goes to find the remainder of the Leader's staff to employ their help.

Aboard the QV1, the Queen situates the Pirate Captain and Darwin and tries to eliminate both of them, however together they ideal her. In the fight, they inadvertently blend the ship's shop of cooking soft drink with vinegar, creating a fierce reaction that rends the ship in 2. The Pirate Leader rescues Polly and they leave safely, leaving an angry Queen. With his track record among pirates restored because of the big bounty currently on his head, the Pirate Leader is renewed as a Pirate, and he as well as his crew remain to check out the high seas trying to find experience.

In a few post-credits scenes, they leave Darwin on the Galapagos Islands, Mr. Bobo joins the Pirate Captain's crew, the Queen is left at the mercy of some of the unusual animals she had actually planned on eating, Black Bellamy is forcefully removed of his prize by the Pirate King due to the Pirate Captain's brand-new infamy, as well as the crew existing the Pirate Leader with their very own homemade Pirate of the Year trophy.

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