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The Peanuts Movie (2015)

Charlie Brown is now fed up with that his life maintains going wrong. He quickly obtains his chance when the Little Red-Haired Lady relocates into the neighborhood that wintertime. After an occurrence with her moving boxes, he makes a decision to go see Lucy, that aids him come to be much more confident in himself. Charlie Brown decides to see Snoopy for aid with his institution magic act, in hopes of exciting the Little Red-Haired Woman. Unfortunately, Sally needs assistance on her task regarding the body, and Charlie Brown determines to utilize every one of his time to aid. During this moment, Snoopy educates him to dance, so he could go to the school dance and excite the Little Red-Haired Lady. Things start to brilliant up; he dances well, and also he is enhanced. However, the train soon comes off the rails, as he unintentionally triggers the institution automatic sprinkler, ending the dance early.

Charlie Brown's future is soon transforming, as he is designated partners with the Little Red-Haired Girl on a book report. Upon hearing she will be gone for a few days to see her ill grandmother, Charlie Brown makes a decision to do the report by himself. Overlooking Marcie's suggestions, he created his record on "War and also Peace". It is during this time that he finds he obtained an excellent rating on the test previously in the film. He obtains the file carried out in time for his honor ceremony, but after his scary, the test is Pepper mint Patty's, inadvertently blending their papers and composing theirs names on the wrong examination. Miserable, Charlie Brown admits his failure, much to the kids' dismay. His state of mind intensifies when the report is destroyed and he is forced to confess this to the Little Red-Haired Girl.
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Spring soon arrives, and Charlie Brown detects a boy who cannot fly a kite. He determines to teach the kid, as well as to his shock, the kid succeeds. On the last day of institution, everyone picks pen-pals to compose to over the summer. Charlie Brown is upset when the Little Red-Haired Lady selects him, believing it was contemporary of empathy considering that no person chose him. He after that chooses to speak with her in person. He races to discover her, just to discover that she is delegating summer season camp. Believing he will deficient, the Kite-Eating Tree spits out a kite, as well as the kite drags Charlie Brown to her, much to the surprise of the others.

He finds her, and also asks why she picked him, regardless of his failures. The Little Red-Haired Girl says it is because he is caring as well as truthful. They assure to compose to each other, and as she repels, the others approving Charlie Brown as their brand-new friend.

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