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Finger Family Rhymes for Children with Spiderman Doraemon

Finger Family (Daddy Finger) is an English song for children with melody close and cute characters with cartoon characters super cute will definitely make the baby very favorite.

"Finger Family" includes 7 songs "Finger Family" with more stylized set of different families , creating an impressive and fun for the children . When watching a video , the baby will look picture and memorize vocabulary in English. Not only that, but also humorous video image recording your family dog , you monkey, help children more loving family and animals around them . From there , the young soul will be nourished and become more complete.

When watching a video , you should encourage children to dance, swaying and fingerprints rhythm song , it helps kids develop physically and personality forming fun, funny , energetic , confident . To help the children remember it , you should also put interesting questions after viewing the finished video on the theme , the characters, the colors that appear in the video, such as: "What color shirt father?" "What color shirt mother", "How many people in monkey's family? " ... these seemingly simple job that will help you and your baby more cohesion and more intimate . The baby will grow both in thinking and observational skills , good logic.

Our "Baby's World Channel" (PCS Channel) specializes in make of animated videos about the song " Finger Family " . But we have creatively combined the other cartoon characters holiwood and cartoon characters that children love. Certainly our products will make the kids very excited.
Finger Family
This video is a combination of spider-man and Doraemon, very interesting is not it. Let's see!
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